Health for Life

Health for Life is about changing your eating, exercise and lifestyle habits.


When you join I'll give you a copy of the healthy eating plan and there are diet record sheets that you can complete and then we can review them together to make any adjustments to help you achieve your personal goals.


My Health for Life classes start with an optional, confidential weigh-in using calibrated scales, which is a great way to keep an accurate record of your weight.


Next, I give a motivational talk on a health topic that could be about healthy eating, exercise or lifestyle issues.


Then we're into the exercise routine which is a traditional Aerobic class that's suitable for all ages, sizes and fitness lelvels. I'll show you how to work at different levels so that you can get the most benefit from your workout.


You'll warm up, stretch out, then do the Aerobic section followed by the cool down and a peaceful relaxation. (Sometimes we'll do a Circuit or a Toning class for a bit of variety and to target specific areas)


I use great music that will really get you moving and regularly change both the music and the routine to keep you on your toes!


Come along this week, I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself and feel better for it!

Health for Life



  • Optional confidential Weigh-in
  • Motivational talk
  • Aerobic exercise



Fridays 9.15 am 10.30am




Little Heath Parish Hall

Thornton Road

Potters Bar




Lorna Scott


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Got questions or comments about my classes?

I'm happy to receive your feedback so if you have any questions or concerns or if you want to let me know what you thought about the class please use our contact form or call me on 01707 664419