What Lorna's customers say about her classes

I love Fitness Pilates! Felt great and hope to see you again next Wednesday


Julie - Barnet

Even though I haven't done anything much for ages, I really like the fact that I wasn't all hot and sweaty at the end of the Fitness Pilates class. My body was telling me that I was unfit but I don't feel exhausted and it wasn't as tough as I thought it might me, so I will definitely be back next week!


Toni - Barnet

I would like to thank you for your help and support that you have given me over the last year which has resulted in me losing a stone and a half and being able to get into size 12 jeans!!

Love your classes and looking forward to seeing you next week.


Anne, Potters Bar

Hi Lorna, I did enjoy the Fitness Pilates class and will be continuing with it. I thought it was fantastic how many people were there.


Fay - Finchley

Just thought I would let you know that I really enjoy the Fitness Pilates class on Tuesday evening.


Cheryl - Potters Bar

Fitness Pilates just a short walk from home on a Tuesday evening is perfect for me.


Lesley - Potters Bar

I think your classes are really good. Not only do we get a good workout, you make it fun and we don't need to worry about the level of ability we are at. Thank you for making exercise such good fun!


Cheryl,  Potters Bar

I have been attending Lorna’s Health for Life Class for many years. Her short talk at the beginning of each Class is excellent and a very good reminder of how we should be eating healthily, being followed by a very good workout.

Lorna is a great, natural teacher and makes each Class fun and very friendly.


Bernie, Potters Bar

Lorna's class is great!

Love it! The best £5 I spend!

(pay me later Lorna!)


Julie H

Just to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy your classes - well I must do, have been coming now for nearly two years. The company is great and I have made some really good friends - as well as getting fit. Long may it continue!


Debbie, Potters Bar

I LOVE your classes!


Jacqui, Barnet

A workout for mind and body. Classes pitched so that you can take it at your own pace.



I have been attending Lorna’s Zumba Classes for a couple of years. She is a natural teacher and achieves an energetic dance work-out to great rhythmic music, making it fun at the same time.

Lorna’s Classes are very friendly and for all ages.


Bernie, Potters Bar

I have attended Lorna's classes for one year now and I always try to come every week, without fail. I enjoy every class, learning new moves and doing what enjoy to great music. It is also great exercise and releases any stresses that I may have. It's a great start to the week as I attend on Mondays. I've also made lots of new friends.


Laura, East Barnet

My friend asked me to start coming to Zumba with her in Feb 2012. I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it, I love it. I have lost over 3 stone since I started. Lorna's class is great and she has really supported me through it all. Thanks Lorna x



You my darling, are a breath of fresh air!



Lorna's Zumba class paces you so that even if you haven't done any exercise before, you can build up your fitness and if you are already really fit you can still enjoy a very good workout. Expect to sweat and smile a lot. I'm loving it!


Zara, Enfield

I've been with Lorna for 8 years! First when she did Health for Life and now with her in Zumba. She's a great encourager and I love coming. She makes it fun and if we are unable to reach a higher level she encourages us to achieve what we can. She's brilliant and so friendly.



I have known Lorna for 4 years, first with Health for Life and now with Zumba. Zumba is the only type of exercise I enjoy doing, especially with Lorna. She motivates and encourages you to feel anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Thanks Lorna


Alex, Barnet

I come to Lorna's Zumba class because I am in love with it. I'm always at Zumba class, I love it!


Ros, Potters Bar

I only came because my future daughter-in-law wanted to come. She then stopped due to work and I carried on! I've now been coming for nearly 2 years and still enjoy it!



I really enjoy going to Lorna Scott's Zumba classes. Lorna is lovely - always friendly and welcoming and she makes exercise fun. There is always a great atmosphere and new dances to learn as well as our favourites. I can feel the health benefits and I would recommend Lorna's classes to everyone!


Amanda, Potters Bar

I really look forward to my weekly Zumba class, love the class. Lots of fun as well as exercise!



My friend Sally persuaded me to come and now she picks me up, so I can't back out! I do enjoy it but I'm not very co-ordinated!



I have been coming to Lorna's Zumba classes for well over a year now and still look forward to them every week. It is unlike any other exercise as it's hugely enjoyable and you giggle as much as you burn calories! Lorna is a fabulous motivator and her friendly face makes it all the more worth going.

I can't recommend her classes enough and look foerawrd to another year of fun and crazy dance moves!


Vikki, East Barnet