Lorna Scott Fitness
Lorna Scott Fitness

Our Members: At The Centre of Everything We Do

Fran (July 2020)

"You have done an incredible job at bringing fitness online and your classes are absolutely fab!! Thank you so much Lorna xxxx"


Leigh (June 2020)

"Thank you Lorna for your total commitment and dedication to our mental health and physical well being."

Jinny (June 2020)

"Loving the Zoom classes .... You really have been our lockdown constant and the daily positivity has helped so much so a big thank you!"


Avril (July 2020)

"I am enjoying the zoom classes a lot more than I anticipated... Thanks again Lorna for keeping classes going - finding them a real benefit for body and mind xx"

Andy (June 2020)

"Just to say that your dedication and caring approach has been both inspiring and wonderful. A huge thank you and virtual hug are in order."


Paula (July 2020)

"I am so grateful that you have been able to teach during lockdown and that I have been able to continue my fitness programme. I am really enjoying the classes especially as I am able to do the class in the morning which makes me feel happy and energised then I have the rest of the day to get on with other things. I would give you 10/10 !!!"

Lorna (July 2020)

"I would do all of your classes if I could Lorna, but sadly work gets in the way!!"



Monica (June 2020)

"Thank you for all your Videos and Inspirational messages. You are a Star Lorna. I think you could make a big name for yourself doing Fitness on the TV for everyone on one of the morning programmes."